Why do you manufacture in Australia? E-mail

We manufacture our inflatables here in Australia for two reasons:

Firstly, we're proud to manufacture right at home. Australia has the skills and technology to do amazing things, and building the worlds-best inflatables is one of them. The Australian community has supported us through our adventures and we support them in return.

Secondly, because that's most effective way to guarantee quality of product. We can maintain control of each step in the production process, literally seeing your Systems come to life. Quality is a critical priority - it's important to you and therefore it's important to us.

Yes, it's more costly to manufacture here than overseas, which adds to the cost of the inflatable you buy. However, when you invest in an inflatable image system you can be assured it has been designed to work right from the start - as you've expected it to. Your peace of mind is important to us.

We understand that people might find it surprising that IIT is committed to manufacturing in Australia, and - as with all our clients - you are welcome to make an appointment (click the 'contact us' link) and arrange an appointment to tour our Sydney Production Facility for your peace-of-mind. We'll be happy to show you around!


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