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Welcome to - the official website of inflatable image technologies Pty Ltd.
We've designed & engineered so many Systems over the 30-odd years we've been in business that organising them into the usual categories could end up confusing. So, we put ourselves in your shoes a nd thought of the way that you might think of them. The basic categories are as follows:
IIT in Your Industry: Here are projects we've done within your industry (for instance Auto Sales, Finance Products, Food & Beverage, Restaurants, Confectionery or Pharmaceuticals. We thought that if you can see what we've done within your industry (but not necessarily for your company), it would be easier to become familiar with what we have done, and can do.
IIT Systems: Here are our Systems (categorised by Product Family). Each listing is accompanied by a brief description and a few small images so you can preview the Systems you're about to look at.
IIT Services: Over the years, some new customers have come to us requesting our services for inflatables they've bought from other suppliers (eg: installation, maintenance, repair, logistics, advice, modification, etc).
If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us - we'll be happy to assist you.


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